Bamberton: Contested Landscapes

Bamberton: Contested Landscape

Dates: January 8 to February 20, 2010

Artists: Nathan Bomford and Cedric Bomford

Competing Values: Land Use and Public Consultation Panel Discussion Saturday, February 20, at 2:00 p.m.

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Inside the gallery space, artists Cedric Bomford and Nathan Bomford built a massive installation entitled Bamberton: Contested Landscape. The brothers transformed salvaged building materials into an overwhelming meditation on the built environment, density and spectacle. The Bomfords’ intuitive and collaborative working process shaped the project—at times involving family members, volunteers and co-workers. This astonishing construction turned monumentalism inside out: in effect, it critiqued systems of power expressed through architecture. The Bomfords reused materials from demolition sites and from their previous work. Bamberton: Contested Landscape confronted the land use skirmishes of Bamberton (an abandoned cement plant on Vancouver Island site) through architectural references and a fabricated oratorical arena.



The Bomfords created structures that invited visitors to physically move through, over, under and around the installation. Tactile interaction heightened the theme of contested space and the artists’ playful, provocative strategies. Changes in elevation and position were coupled with the physicality of weathered wood and the Bomfords’ interventionist architecture.

Both Cedric and Nathan Bomford’s previous work has been mostly associated with photography. Cedric Bomford’s recent photographic and video work examined historically charged architectural subjects in documentary style images that betrayed “history” by highlighting the artifice rather than the actual subjects depicted. Similarly, Nathan Bomford’s previous work consists of photographs of empty theatrical scenes devoid of specific narratives. The brothers said their direction towards a collaborative project represented a logical progression of their previous bodies of work and shared interests.

An artist talk and subsequent panel discussion, Competing Values: Land Use and Public Consultation, were also held as part of this installation. The installation atrracted four local art classes, a marching band and an anonymous group who conducted a meeting in the piece's hybridized "board room".









Video documentation of Nathan and Cedric Bomford's Artist Talk. Opening Reception, January 8, 2010:


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