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Chantal Dumas Artist Statement and Bio

THE CORK - Chantal Dumas

"I was playing with different sounds and looking at for a correspondence with these three words : spicy, narrow, elegant. At a point, I thought at the sound produces when one opens a bottle of wine, when the corkscrew pierces the cork and penetrates it. That was the ‘’narrow’’ sound I was looking for, containing in itself the promise of a spicy character and of elegance. I did some recordings. I had something. That was the starting point."

-Chantal Dumas (Montreal, Québec) 

Chantal Dumas Bio

Sound and radio artist Chantal Dumas uses sound to chart a new approach to listening and perception. Combining music, narrative, and real-world sounds, she constructs stories that encourage listeners to establish their own sense of narrative. Her work invites listeners on a ramble through various spaces: mental and physical, architectural and urban, natural and cultural. 

Her music and radio works are widely broadcast on radios and festivals in Europe, Canada, the United States and Australia.  In 2005, her work Tanz was nominated at the Phonurgia Nova (France), and in 2001 The little man in the ear  took the 1st prize in the  documentary section and The Perfume of Women was awarded at the EAR'97 competition (Hungary). 

Dumas has lately been exploring new types of sound interfaces. Her latest works are CLUSTER for mobile listeners-interpreters and PDA (personal digital assistant), realized at the Banff Centre for the Arts and in a sound installation and performance at the radio REVOLTEN Festival (Halle, Germany). She is currently working on a project for the Montreal subway with the artist Rose-Marie Goulet and on an interactive work questioning mobility in relation with body movement, listeners and sound.

The work of Chantal Dumasa can be found on CD at 326 (France), AVATAR/Ohm Éditions (Quebec), and PoGUS & Nonsequitur (USA). 

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00:00:00 on 06/15/07 by tina - Category: 2007


Tina Pearson wrote:

Thanks, Chantal, and Michael also, for being there yesterday. It was certainly experimental, how we tried to interact with each other from many places and platforms at once. I found the discussions with Chantal, Jeff and Michael to be refreshing and interesting. I love how Chantal brings it back always to the initial creative moment. Yes, discussion is always good, I agree.

09/16/07 18:03:36

Michael Benneyworth wrote:

HI Chantal,
It was nice chatting with you this afternoon. An interesting experiment in communication anyway. Thanks for the questions and comments on my piece. I think further discussion is always good.

09/15/07 18:20:42

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